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Nor-Cal Ditch Day


In the bustling world of work and responsibilities, it's important to occasionally take a step back, hit pause on the daily grind, and indulge in some well-deserved fun and relaxation. And that's exactly what we Nor-Calians did last month when we had the opportunity to embark on a memorable off-site at the Apex center located within the Red Hawk Casino, just a stone's throw away from Nor-Cal Control’s office.


A Day of Play
Ditch Day meant that life was about more than just work and deadlines as office desks were left abandoned and the team headed out for a day of fun! Activities included lunch, bowling, virtual golf, and experiencing the rush of Go Kart racing. Ditch Day was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of competition.


A Need for Speed
Go-karting was undoubtedly the highlight of Ditch Day, offering a thrilling mix of twists, turns, and rapid acceleration. With the track whizzing by in a blur and the excitement of pushing the kart to its limits, this activity provided a chance for strategic competition and pushing beyond personal comfort zones. A few of us Nor-Calians might have even encountered a surge of adrenaline, but fortunately, no trips to the hospital were required on this day.






Team Bonding Beyond the Office Walls
Nor-Cal Ditch Day wasn't just about games and races—it was an opportunity for the team to bond in a relaxed and informal setting. Laughter ensued, barriers were broken, and new connections were forged. The shared experiences of the day undoubtedly strengthened our teams’ dynamics within and beyond the office walls.


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Refresh and Recharge
It's no secret that taking a break from the daily routine can work wonders for one's mind and creativity. Ditching the work attire for bowling shoes and steering wheels can be a breath of fresh air, offering a chance to recharge those mental batteries. When employees return to their tasks with renewed energy and perspective, creativity and productivity are bound to reach new heights.


Agnes, Trenton, and Jelani


A Unique Company Culture
Nor-Cal boasts a company culture that is undeniably special and unique. The Nor-Cal Ditch Day is just one shining example of how the company values its employees' well-being and nurtures a sense of togetherness. By investing in events that promote team bonding and rejuvenation, Nor-Cal not only retains its employees' loyalty but also enhances overall job satisfaction.




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Nor-Cal Ditch Day was a resounding success, leaving everyone with cherished memories and a refreshed spirit. It's a reminder that sometimes, stepping away from our desks and embracing a day of play can renew a sense of purpose and collaboration.


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Alisyn Gularte

Written by Alisyn Gularte

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