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Shipping SCADA

At Nor-Cal Controls, our motto is “Your Project. Our Passion.” As America’s most trusted SCADA provider, we ensure our products meet all control functionality requirements per the project’s specifications. We provide open architecture solutions that give our customers complete flexibility and control over their systems.

But before an installation occurs, there are a lot of important factors that need to take place, such as implementing an effective and scalable shipping strategy that is crucial to fulfilling our customer’s project needs and timelines. When a project is ready to be sent out, Nor-Cal Controls remains focused and confident, ensuring our SCADA racks, communication enclosure, and MET station equipment are packaged and delivered unharmed.

Yes, packaging really does matter!

In this post, we go behind the scenes to learn how our Shipping & Receiving (S&R) team incorporates diligent practices and procedures regarding shipping our products to site.


Shipping Steps:
As the project gets completed, the S&R team is notified that the equipment is ready to ship, and they verify with the Project Manager that all delivery contact information is correct. All materials big and small are included in a packing list, along with photos for documentation. Quantities and labeling are verified, and the S&R team performs a comprehensive overview of all equipment and parts related to the package.

SCADA racks are shipped fully assembled and only needs to be provided with a 120 VAC receptible
on-site. MET station enclosures will also ship fully assembled and will also need a 120 VAC to be landed from a local field panel. Once the Factory Testing Acceptance (FAT) and Quality Control (QC) process are complete, the METs undergo a specialized packaging process. Each MET enclosure also includes an associated parts package that will hold all sensors, mounting hardware, and cables. Both shipping boxes will be labeled to correctly identify the contents. Protecting sensitive, high-value components such as MET sensors, cameras, and similar devices, Nor-Cal ships these items in the original equipment manufacturer’s engineered packaging. These box components are placed in larger, fitted boxes and shipped inside a sturdy wooden crate for extra protection during transit.

In addition, shrink wrapping, banding, and crating are incorporated when necessary. Often, the S&R team will re-take photo documentation of the packaged goods to ensure that everything matches up with the labeling. Measurements, dimensions, and weight are all noted, and the S&R team is now ready to enter the Bill of Lading (BOL) with the carrier. All packages are customized to the customers delivery instructions and multiple documents are affixed to the package to include:

  • Packing List
  • Shock Indicator
  • Tip indicator
  • Job information
  • Shipping tags
  • Carrier instructional documents; “Fragile” and “Do not Stack” labels

Once the carrier has been tendered, the S&R team will ensure that all signed documentation is saved to the job file. Customer notifications are emailed to include imperative information such as job details, shipment notifications, and attachments for the packing list. BOL, along with the Receipt Storage & Preventive Measures Disclaimer (contains details for short- and long-term storage requirements while on site), and additional photos of the final packaged materials are also taken.

Shipping Status:
A lot can happen when a package is in transit, and that’s why our S&R team meticulously tracks the shipment and sends all necessary communication(s) to the customer regarding delays, early delivery, and/or if the package is out for delivery. Upon delivery of the shipment, a notification is sent to the customer letting them know of the delivery. Lastly, confirmation from the customer is communicated.

Shipping Safety:
Through our years of experience, Nor-Cal has taken extra precautions and invested in sturdy wooden crates for SCADA racks and MET Stations that will protect the sensitive instrumentation, electronic, and networking devices. If needed, we will also add on additional compensation to the delivery service for a dedicated truck to ensure that the order receives extra care during its transit.

The Un-Boxing Experience:
For our customers, here is where the journey begins as the package lands safely in their care. Once the package is verified to be in good condition, the delivery process is complete. As mentioned, Nor-Cal provides photo documentation of every itemized part and enclosure that is packed to assist customers if they experience issues locating the smaller or harder-to-find parts. It is recommended that all equipment sent by Nor-Cal is stored in a clean, cool, and dry environment that is away from dirt, oil, water, and heat sources.

We recognize that packaging and shipping equipment for our customers’ projects is an integral part of our uncompromising passion for excellence and success. The Nor-Cal Way offers you a dedicated team, proven engineering excellence, customizable solar and storage solutions, and unparalleled customer support right down to the smallest of details, which includes all shipping and handling needs.
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Collaborators: Ben Lyons, Doug Yates, Kevin Woodard, Matt Winchell, Nathaniel Enders

Alisyn Gularte

Written by Alisyn Gularte

2023 was a banner year for Nor-Cal, and we're excited to share some of the highlights with you! Our dedicated team accomplished amazing things across various departments, driving success and growth..