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Solar & Storage Operation Trainings


Solar and Storage Operations Trainings are back as Nor-Cal Controls provides a deep dive into operator fundamentals as they pertain to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

A Three-day training course designed to benefit EPC contractors, asset owners and solar industry professionals. The training topics and principles covered can be applied to any SCADA system platform (hardware/software).

By comprehending the big picture as it applies to solar and storage operations, participants will unlock their utility scale potential. This course will enable industry leaders to stay current with standards and the processes to apply them to their operations. These trainings will be led by Nor-Cal Controls in partnership with RadianGen for a knowledge-packed, three-day training event!

Course Components:

Compliance & Risk (including NERC & cyber security) Presented by RadianGen
This part of the course consists of elementary electrical system knowledge and fundamentals, and how they apply to regulatory and compliance authorities within the growing power generation industry. This general overview will aid in providing a holistic view that is critical to the industry as it pertains to operations, planning and forecasting, in an effort to meet present day regulatory guidelines.

SCADA 101 Presented by Nor-Cal Controls ES
Discover a thorough, introductory session regarding today’s most critical power generation necessity: gathering data from site devices and successfully making time sensitive decisions to enhance productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Dive deeper into your understanding of energy storage and how it connects to SCADA through the Energy Management System. This course provides an understanding of SCADA systems that work with any platform and ensures adherence to best practices for any utility-scale power generation site.

Technical Asset Management & Performance Analytics Presented by RadianGen
In this session, the course will cover industry basic and advanced analytics, including loss characterization analysis, and how asset management and performance analytics are not only a necessary but beneficial complement to localized SCADA systems.


About Our Partners:

Radian Generation provides the expertise, knowledge, and experience to optimize asset performance and returns using automation, technology (LENS™), and proven processes. We empower owners at every phase of the investment lifecycle by using our unique insight into the three pillars of asset management: financial management, contract and regulatory compliance, and asset operations.

As grid compliance for all types of generation assets becomes progressively more complicated, it is more critical than ever for power plants to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Radian Generation provides expert federal and state compliance program development and ongoing management to keep energy projects operating predictably and in compliance with all governing agencies.


Meet Nor-Cal Controls Subject Matter Experts:

Abhishek Dabholkar
Lead Engineering Supervisor
Abhishek is an Industrial Automation Engineer with nearly 11 years of quality experience in DCS, PLC and SCADA designing and programming. He has worked for various types of manufacturing industries like pharmaceutical, oil and gas, textile, chemical and solar power plants.
Abhishek has commissioned solar power plants across the United States, ranging from 20 MWac to 300 MWac.


Chris Reclusado
Engineering Supervisor
Chris has experience as a Automation Engineer in PPC Control logic. He is skilled in electrical and hydraulic systems design, public speaking, and a strong team leader. Chris graduated with honors in Mechanical Engineering from California State University.



Dmitriy Rusetskiy
Engineering Supervisor

Dmitriy has been with Nor-Cal Controls since 2020, working on developing and commissioning projects across the United States. Since graduating California State University of Sacramento, Dmitriy has worked as an automation engineer across the Water/Wastewater and Solar industries.


Katie Neal
Engineering Supervisor

Katie graduated from Gonzaga University in 2014 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating, she has worked in the solar industry doing everything from design and installation to project management and finally controls. She has been with Nor-Cal Controls since 2019 and in that time has commissioned 20 projects and developed the internal engineering training program.


Kaveh Zarei
Network Supervisor

Kaveh holds 15+ years serving in the networking industry designing, implementing and managing large scale networks. He is a Cisco certified instructor as well as being CCNA, CCNP, NetApp Storage, Data Protection and cybersecurity certified.


Nate Kelleher

Technical Engineering Lead

Nate graduated from Sierra College in 2014 with a degree in Mechatronics. Before joining Nor-Cal he worked on automated control systems in diverse industries such as materials science and logistics. He has been with Nor-Cal Controls since 2020 and in that time has integrated many solar power plants with a wide variety of control architectures and unique customer requirements.



Meet RadianGEn's Subject Matter Experts:

Andrew Eisenberg
President and CTO at Radian Generation

Andrew's work in the renewable energy industry started in 2003 as the founder and CEO of Green IT Energy Applications, a technology services provider and industry leader working in the domains of cybersecurity, SCADA, digitalization, and automation. Over the last 20 years, Andrew has led the development and launch of numerous mission critical applications and services and has worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders including owners, operators, developers, EPC, and OEM to find solutions to technical challenges facing the industry.


Eric Baller
Chief Product Officer at Radian Generation
Eric graduated as an Electrical Engineer but migrated to software, which he has been involved with at Goldman Sachs, at a venture-funded Industrial Internet of Things start up, and with a prior company he co-founded to provide renewable thermal solutions.

Since joining Radian in 2015, Eric has led the software product team, launching Lens™ that same year at SPI with two beta customers. Radian now managers 40GW of renewable energy projects.


Jackie Ahmad

Director of Technical Operations at Radian Generation

Jackie is an Electrical Engineer and has worked on solar projects ranging from residential to large transmission-connected tracker sites to solar + storage to microgrids. She spent 10 years in Commissioning and Operations & Maintenance of Solar Projects before joining Radian Generation in 2019. Prior to entering the solar industry, she was a Power Systems Engineer in Transmission Operations for a utility. At Radian Generation she leads the Technical Asset Management team responsible for optimizing performance on renewable energy sites throughout the United States.


Kellie Macpherson
VP Compliance & Risk Management at Radian Generation

Kellie has over 12+ years of ensuring solar projects meet their day-to-day compliance obligations, ensuring solar is a reliable grid asset, and implementing precedent-setting risk management practices.
Prior to joining Radian, she assisted Cypress Creek Renewables in completing the build-out of their compliance program which made them one of four solar OM providers in the US that meets the most stringent cyber security requirements.

Kellie built and maintained Recurrent Energy’s compliance program, including the successful development, build-out, and operation of over 2GW’s of NERC registered solar sites. Additionally, Kellie has led over 24+ successful NERC no-violation audits across seven regions and five registered functions including GO, GOP, LSE, DP, and TOP. She has implemented NERC compliance programs for over 60+ entities spanning over 10,000 MW’s and has led the way in cyber security for the solar industry by implementing tactical security measures at every site.




Upcoming 2022 Training Dates to choose from:

May 10-12
August 16-18
November 15-17



The Northern California Foothills



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