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What’s In a Name? The Inspiration Behind Naming Solar Projects



As the world dances towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, solar projects have taken center stage! Beyond their environmental benefits, these projects often catch our attention with their snazzy names like Hornet Solar, Otter Creek, Nighthawk BESS, and Oberon. Have you ever wondered how these names come about?


Nor-Cal Controls certainly has! Here, we will explore the motivation and thought processes behind these solar project titles and discover the inspirations behind them!


Environment & Surroundings
One common approach to naming solar projects is to draw inspiration from the local environment. Project stakeholders often choose names that reflect the unique characteristics of the region where the project is located. For example, the Otter Creek Solar project might find its name rooted in the presence of a nearby river or stream. This approach not only pays homage to the surroundings but also establishes a connection between the solar project and the local community.


Wildlife Wonder

Solar projects might take inspiration from the wildlife inhabiting the project area. Names like Hornet Solar and Nighthawk BESS demonstrate how these projects can be named after the animals found in the vicinity. This practice is not only a nod to the biodiversity of the region but also emphasizes the importance of preserving nature while harnessing renewable energy.

Symbolism and Mythology

Some projects occasionally draw from symbols and mythological references to create evocative names. Oberon, for instance, refers to the king of fairies in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." By adopting such names, a sense of wonder and enchantment adds a bit of flair and mysticism to the project.


Branding and Marketing

In some cases, solar projects' names are driven by branding and marketing strategies. Developers often aim to create memorable, distinctive names that resonate with the public. These names can become a part of the project's identity and help generate public interest and support. Catchy and unique titles are essential in capturing attention and promoting the project's message effectively.


Local Culture and Heritage

Solar projects that celebrate local culture and heritage often incorporate relevant names. These names can be inspired by historical events, indigenous languages, or even famous landmarks. By drawing on local culture, solar projects can establish a strong sense of identity and demonstrate their commitment to preserving and honoring the region's rich heritage.


These are just a few fun examples of how projects might be named. The names not only shape the identity of the solar projects but also help raise awareness, promote sustainability, and forge connections with the communities they serve. So, "What's in a name?" Shakespeare famously pondered in his play ‘Romeo & Juliet’.” When it comes to solar projects, a name holds immense significance and can shape the entire identity of the endeavor. It's not just a matter of selecting a catchy or clever title; there's thought, inspiration, and purpose behind each name. Behind these names, we gain a deeper appreciation for the solar industry's efforts to blend innovation, sustainability, and creativity into building a greener future.

Once you've settled on the perfect name for your solar project, the next step is to bring it to life with the help from Nor-Cal Controls! We're perfectly equipped to handle all of your SCADA and PPC requirements for PV solar projects and Energy Management Systems (EMS) for those that include BESS. Our team can meet any control mode needs for your project. Schedule a call with us today!



Alisyn Gularte

Written by Alisyn Gularte

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